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The Backbone of Business Connectivity

Providing Total End-to-End Ethernet Services

FiberLight’s business Ethernet services provide private data networking capabilities, enabling businesses to securely connect to locations and to efficiently transfer data. These services include:

  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Ethernet ENNI

Ethernet Features

  • Securely delivered over FiberLight
  • Private Ethernet service symmetrical speeds of 10Mbps to 10Gbps and more
  • Ethernet and ENNI interfaces options at 1GE, 10GE, and 100GE
  • Connected to on-net buildings, data centers, carrier hotels, and towers
  • Willing to construct new fiber routes to reach additional buildings, towers, and other locations
FiberLight’s low-latency transport grows with your data needs.

Why Business Ethernet Services?

Business Ethernet services leverage the speed and dependability of Ethernet technology, ensuring businesses receive swift, secure, and expandable private connections.

These services are ideal for transferring vast data sets, managing high-bandwidth applications, or linking numerous office sites. Ethernet services furnish the essential framework for business operations.

Key Benefits of Ethernet Solutions


FiberLight Ethernet services offer high-performing connectivity, ensuring businesses receive consistent bandwidth without the congestion and latency commonly associated with shared Internet services. This uninterrupted flow is crucial for operations such as cloud computing, real-time data analysis, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications.


As businesses grow and evolve, so do their data needs. Ethernet services excel in adaptability, accommodating the changing needs of businesses as they grow. Utilizing an advanced fiber-optic transmission infrastructure, our services offer a range of speeds from megabits to gigabits. This flexibility ensures a tailored solution that aligns with both budget constraints and evolving performance requirements.


In the face of escalating cyber threats, security has become paramount. FiberLight Ethernet services maintain a clear separation from the Internet, mitigating common online threats and service outages. This segmentation from the Internet contributes to the greater corporate security strategy to safeguard assets, operations, and credibility.


Ethernet services provide low latency with traffic remaining exclusively on the FiberLight network as opposed to Internet services. Businesses experience enhanced performance for their applications, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

FiberLight’s Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service emerges as a private network solution, establishing a
dedicated and efficient point-to-point configuration for customer services. Running exclusively on
FiberLight’s 100% fiber-optic network, EPL serves as an efficient solution for various applications,
including enterprise WAN connectivity, network operator network extensions, and middle-mile backhaul
connectivity for Wireless Internet Service Providers. This service also seamlessly connects customer
private or public data centers, providing a dedicated single Ethernet Virtual Connect (EVC) between two
User Network Interfaces (UNI) at distinct locations.

A distinguishing feature of EPL lies in its high degree of Layer 2 protocol transparency, ensuring identical
frame headers and payloads at the source and destination UNIs. By avoiding public internet connectivity
and peering points, FiberLight’s EPL provides a direct, low-latency path, enhancing the performance of
end-user applications and overall user experience. This architecture decreases exposure to Internet
accessible cybersecurity threats. FiberLight delivers EPL with both optical and RJ-45 UNI terminations,
offering bandwidth speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with customizable solutions reaching up to an
impressive 100 Gbps.

Ethernet Private Line

FiberLight’s Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) service stands as a cornerstone in network solutions,
offering a versatile and robust platform for businesses. This service caters to various needs, serving as a
backbone for enterprise locations and WAN connectivity, extending network operator networks, and
providing middle-mile backhaul connectivity for Wireless Internet Service Providers.

Noteworthy is EVPL’s focus on security and performance optimization. By avoiding public internet
connectivity and peering points, FiberLight ensures a direct and low-latency path, enhancing end-user
applications and overall user experience. Furthermore, the EVPL service contributes to a secure network
architecture, reducing exposure to malicious content and potential cyber-attacks. With optical and RJ-45
UNI terminations, FiberLight’s EVPL service boasts bandwidth speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps,
accommodating customer solutions up to a remarkable 100 Gbps. Running exclusively on a 100% fiber-
optic network, EVPL facilitates point-to-point or hub-and-spoke configurations, seamlessly connecting
customers to their facilities and data centers.

Ethernet ENNI

FiberLight’s External Network Network Interface (ENNI) capability is a pivotal wholesale service,
seamlessly aggregating multiple point-to-point services to disparate User Network Interfaces (UNIs). This
innovative service empowers network operators to extend their Ethernet services and network
connectivity across FiberLight’s robust 100% fiber-optic network and Ethernet platform. Configurable at
1 Gig-E, 10 Gig-E, and 100 Gig-E speeds, ENNIs aggregate Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) and
Operator Virtual Connections (OVC) operating within the 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps speeds. These ENNIs can
be efficiently deployed to any data center or network operator Point of Presence (POP), facilitating the
delivery of multiple EVPL/EPL services to customers.

Notably, operator POPs and data center locations featuring protected network architecture enhance
resiliency and network availability at most locations. The ENNI capability serves as a catalyst for
accelerating the delivery of Ethernet services to a crucial customer base, establishing a standard MEF-
compliant demarcation between network operators for enhanced service delivery and network
performance. This reinforces FiberLight’s commitment to providing advanced, reliable, and scalable
solutions in the realm of network connectivity.

Your Network is in Good Hands

With more than two decades of experience designing, engineering, and optimizing large-scale fiber networks, you can trust our regional expertise and enjoy higher-touch, personalized account management and dependable customer service. Plus, take advantage of the fiber-optic network built diverse from ILEC and Cable MSO providers on a fully owned, operated, and managed network.

Choose a stable provider with the flexibility to partner with you to design the network you need to take your business to the next level.

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